Server Tree Hack!


This is so awesome!!! Today me, Justin, and Cultred were at school and messing around with the school computers when Justin discovered the most best computer discovery yet! Note: This only works if you have a wi-fi switch, a server tree, and a school computer.

Ok so Justin flipped the switch in a certain way that I am not going to tell you. So he logged in on his account but it was a Desktop instead of the server tree icon! Then we went on “cmd” and typed in “mspaint”. These school computers never had Paint. So he clicked “enter” and guess what came up? Microsoft Paint! Now this is the best discovery ever!

——cpman 8)——

14 thoughts on “Server Tree Hack!

  1. Cultred

    Probably in the world, lol!

    We also accessed regedit, which allows you to edit the registry system of the school network tree.

    We didn’t do anything, because what if they tracked us? Any decent computer genius would also know to disconnect with the network tree via the Wi-Fi switch, so no point in telling.

    I wonder why they made the computer’s network tree so easy to hack into. I mean… as I said before about the computer genius thingamabobber, yeah. Also, we edited the theme. School’s default theme is Windows Classic on Windows XP. We changed the theme to Windows XP and walaa!!! It looks like a normal computer.


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