Sim City 4 Plug-Ins


There are all kinds of cool plugins from the Sim City 4 exchange website:SIM CITY EXCHANGE
Go on it today!


If you go on the Sim City Page on my blog then check out the really tall buildings in my cities. These are plugins that I downloaded. If you have the game then you can download them. Go on the website above. Search and click the download button of your desired plugin. Click next, but be sure you are using Internet Explorer. Now go on the game and click the “Landmarks” button. There is your plugin!

By the way check out Local Pics Page and look at the top 3 pics and the Extras.


-cpman 8)


2 thoughts on “Sim City 4 Plug-Ins

  1. azmen

    that nice thanks
    put for download the Plug-Ins they said i should enter the code but i lost it can you help me please .


  2. Not to worry azmen. That code might be your serial number of the game, found on the back of the instruction booklet. Or this code can be your password. If you lost it just search in your mailbox.


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