Toasty Mornings and More


Hey Everyone!

Guess what? Dudeikoff is back! First he had a blog. Then he deleted it. Made another one and both were about Club Penguin. He deleted that one too. Now his new website is here: CLICK HERE.

Another thing, I am going to start doing CPMAN’s Storage Room Funk, CSRF for short. I will be doing these at the bottom of posts everytime I post. I will start posting those on this post.

And another thing. I have the newest NFS game: Need For Speed Undercover. It is similar to the GTA and Driver series. This is the 12th installment of the NFS series. I have this game on the Wii. But one bad thing on it is that the Wii version does not have the full map,just part of it.



Everyone call: 404-222-2222! It’s nothing bad, but it is funny!

-cpman 8)

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