The Merry Post



Well as you all may now know, it is Winter Break from school. If not then I am sorry for you. Anyway Happy Holidays! New Years’ is also coming up so if you want to share your resolutions for the New Year post em’ here.

Also if you were on the blog before 9:20 AM December 23, 2008 then you saw the post that Cultred made about browsers. Now it is a page called “BROWSERS”, he will appreciate it if you visit.

On the other hand what I want for Christmas is “Sim City Creator” and a new wallet! 🙂

-cpman 8)

16 thoughts on “The Merry Post

  1. Cultred

    My new resolution is to aim for the 100s, like the fourth nine weeks last year my average was higher than yours.

    Yes, I would appreciate if you read about the browsers. You know how mad I get when people say “It says I need some Firefox thing”? Or like “what else?” when I ask them if they use Internet Explorer? READ IT. I hope you like the images.


  2. bogabo

    A wallet! What a great idea! I knew cultred made that post/page! I need to advertise soon! I got a new sofa today! CPMANS SITE MAKES ME MAD!

    With all due and respect,
    Bogabo 8)


  3. Ya I know I need a new wallet. Michael you should get a cell phone with a texting plan. Where did you put the couch? In the living room? Why does my site make you mad Mike? Or Mad Mike? 😆 not
    Everyone be sure to visit LOCAL PICS page for a new pic! ««««««


  4. bogabo

    I’ll be glad to answer your questions, Cpman!
    1) “Michael you should get a cell phone with a texting plan.”

    Well, I did change my mind about getting a cell phone in high school. But a texting plan? NO! I think the problem is that i am being to adult-ish. Why does a person like me need a cell phone? -To fit in of course!

    2)”Where did you put the couch?”

    How did you know about that? Well, look on my stuff, not yours

    3)”Why does my site make you mad Mike?” (It’s BOGABO)

    It makes me mad because so many new things are happening, you don’t really have a main theme, and your blog is better than mine!
    8) Bogabo


  5. Oh and if you are wondering Justin, why I deleted your post is that there is already a post that says the same messege. I never had to say this before, but it is a spam post!

    Cultred I deleted you Control Panels post and put it under the “tecH” page!

    -Happy Early New Year! :mrgreen:
    -cpman 8)


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