New Header and My PROJECT!!! (and other crap)


I made a new header for CPMAN because his was made using Microsoft Paint (the simplest of all graphics programs) and mine was made using an advanced program called GIMP, which is very similar to Adobe Photoshop and probably better. It takes advanced skills, though, and I gotz those 🙂 Comment on my header.

I changed my name temporarily to PurpleBarneyFourtyNineEightySixNinetyFour lol… but call me Cultred. CPMAN changed his name to Chair.

My project is creating my own CMS (content management system). Wanna know what that is? Look here. WordPress is in a way a CMS. There are links to things like adding new pages, etc. with easy editing and crap so I don’t have to do HTML stuff on my pages. Makes it easy, but making it in the first place is FRICKEN HARD. Ahem, FRICKEN HARD. So yeahzorz.

That’s it!

-Cultred A.K.A. PurpleBarneyFourtyNineEightySixNinetyFour

11 thoughts on “New Header and My PROJECT!!! (and other crap)

  1. bogabo

    I like the header- shows more creativity. I would like to change my name too,(temporarily)but then I would have to log out and then make up and e-mail adress (since I don’t have one), so I’ll just make up an unofficial temporary name- BOGABO OF DEATH!- Whoops, wrong name. I meant to say Cellualar Telephone.
    8) Bogabo


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