Paper n’ News


Hey everyone!

In school we have to write a paper on Black History Month. I am already writing my rough draft about Andrew Young. Cultred even gave me some pointers! On the other hand Justinesylles did not even start his paper in class yet today.

Not much happened in the past two weeks, here are some things that happened.

  • I got Line Rider 2 Unbound for my DS
  • Went to Bogabo’s
  • Started my paper
  • Made new pictures for Stuff 101 v4

That pretty much it. Here are some bonuses.

BONUS1: Visit Stuff 101 v4 right now and then return to this post!

BONUS2: Imagine it is 2000 years from now and the setting takes place in New United States of Americas, in Newest York, in Newest York City, in New Manhattan Academy. The teacher says: “Pupils please go back to your hoverdesk, and put on your learning goggles! Today we are gonna learn about Ancient Atlanta!”

Note: Atlanta is the city where I live.

-cpman 8)

7 thoughts on “Paper n’ News

  1. Cultred

    I am in the mood to confuse you peoples, so let me see the chaos. CPMAN, remember that I told you today when we were coming back from lunch how I like to cause confusion and the other sweaty kid (Fred. Pet. Grah.) likes the chaos caused by confusion?

    I will first enter the HTML code of the page. In the backend, it will add slashes before some crap so that it can go into the MySQL database without messing it up. It will go into a MySQL table with a unique ID, content, and title. Then, on my index page, it will display every page (index.php?page=[page’s unique ID]) as such and strip those extra slashes.

    The slashes thing works like this. CPMAN, remember your signature had “CPMAN\’s Signature”? It was stored in the database by adding slashes and not corrupt the database. It was fixed by when it got into view, it used stripslashes to remove them.


  2. Well guess what Cultred? That actually makes sense in words! Oh and by the way I searched your name on the internet and it came up with one of your Runescape guides and it had your full name in it.
    -cpman 8)


  3. Cellular Telephone

    If I can’t comment on the stats page, I will just comment here:
    (Z)OMG! I NEVER KNEW YOU GOT SO MANY VIEWS! My stats for february are 172 views! My record was in the 500’s!


  4. Cultred

    Oh and CPMAN, me, you and Bogabo all know we don’t live in Atlanta, we live in the suburbs of Atlanta, primarily the Kennesaw-Acworth-Marietta area.


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