Justa Littel Somethin’


As some of you know I had a project and I aced it! 😀

Secondly snow fell yesterday. Some of it fell hard! Here is a pic I took at my church!

snow2Our middle school service was overand then this lady shouted at someone that it was snowin’ hard. And boy was she right. The snow was falling hard at the time. (Just so you know snow is rare in Atlanta, Georgia.) But eventually the snow ended and the schools for Cobb County did not close. (What a bummer)

Another little something…

In literacy class we are reading war of the worlds. It was published in 1898! Dang that is so old. But the first three chapters really got my attention, so check it out.


Here is an awesome park created by Alloria (Steven) using RCT3.


-cpman 8)

2 thoughts on “Justa Littel Somethin’

  1. bogabo

    Now this is what I call a post! Peter Pan was published somewhere around 1908. We didn’t go to church since my mom was afraid we would die in a car crash!


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