RE: Actual Post #11



If you read Bogabo’s Actual Post #11 then you would understand what I am talking about. At our school instead of singing, the morning announcements crew (8th graders) “MOO”! It is very annoying and scary! That is how they advertise those heart stroke biscuits from Chick-Fil-A.

The above picture was uploaded from Google, and uploaded onto Photobucket. Save the Internet. Use Photobucket!

If you haven’t watched Dinner Blaster or Dinner Blaster 2 then go type that in on Youtube. You will laugh until you fall off your chair.

Some Updates that you should be aware about:

  1. I am making a new improved logo.

  2. I am on the verge of filming CPMAN’s Indoor Pool 4

Project CPMAN:

    -cpman 8)

    12 thoughts on “RE: Actual Post #11

    1. Photobucket is a website in which you upload pics. If you just upload them on your blog without Photobucket then bandwidth will be wasted. So use Photobucket to not use any bandwidth of your internet provider.


    2. Cultred

      Bogabo asked:

      watsa bandwith?

      To answer your question, Bogabo, bandwidth is the amount your web server can send you per month. Anything can use up bandwidth. This includes making a useless page (since every page uses bandwidth), direct linking images, etc. When you direct link an image from Photobucket, it uses their bandwidth. However, their limits are so high they don’t have to worry about it.

      Just to confuse you all 🙂

      Everyone is weird and no one is normal. If that is the case, wouldn’t weird be normal and normal be weird? If so, then would weird people be called weird or normal?


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