Hey everyone!

About a week ago the third nine weeks of school ended, and the new fourth nine weeks started the next day. As I can tell of the work we are doing now this nine weeks is going to be very easy. Meanwhile nothing much is happening at school.

Anyway, I was glad to see that Project CPMAN (CPMAN’s Indoor Pool 3) was a great success! Thanks to everyone who watched the video.

Well, today it is bright and sunny here ♪ in California ♪. Whoops I mean in Georgia! In my backyard there is this creek that runs through the woods, and it was all blocked up. So then I dug through the leaves and sticks and finally the creek started running toward the highway bridge. Today the creek looks nice.

Are you a fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3? Then come to the RCT3 Page!

Please come to RCT3 Page to see Project CPMAN, the sneak peek to CPMAN’s Indoor Pool 4, and my other RCT3 creations!


Here is a random poll for y’all to take:

-cpman 8)

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