Vikings & Updates


Hi everyone!

In Language Arts we are doing this unit on technical writing, this is mostly letters, invitations, postcards, etc, and it is not that very interesting. At least our class gets a “vacation” next Tuesday, which is not really a vacation, because we are going to the bus parking lots to eat food and drink. Here is a random quote:

Hello my name is…………………………………………..

Has anyone heard of adrenoleukodystrophy? Well it is a disease that affects the brain and the nervous system. Why am I talking geeky?! Well that is, because we are watching a movie, Lorenzo’s Oil, about this disease in science class.

Now here is a scoop on the latest updates:

  • I am discontinuing Car Gallery
  • I made a “chat” button on the sidebar
  • I made a “comment on the latest post” button on the sidebar
  • CPMAN’s Indoor Pool 4 is coming out in April! (don’t trust me on this) 🙂

Well that is it! Until next week……..or sooner……..or later.

-cpman 8)

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