Hey everyone!

It is the time of year where you sit quietly and fill in bubbles. Yes, the CRCT, a Georgia (state) Standardized Test, is going on until Monday. Can you believe it? Two hours of testing! I guess it is worth it though. By the way I think they should use a different ink on the CRCT.

Now, lets get down to the fun stuff. Since my computer is FAST, CPMAN’s Indoor Pool 4 (CIP4) will be out right after May 22, 2009. Meanwhile I am also working on a park called “Coaster Town”. So far it features 7.5 coasters: Perimeter Run, Corkscrew Mania, Kingdom Fury, Cube of Confusion, The Flying Beast, Giga Attak, Bull Riders, and UNKNOWN NAME. The park also includes: PLEASE VISIT RCT3 PAGE FOR MORE! Anyway here are some pictures of the park:

coaster-town-1coaster-town-2Well I guess that is it. Until next week…or sooner…or later…

-cpman 8)

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