Sim City 4 Releases


Hey everyone!

First of all, I want to mention that my “Youtube Channel” has been updated to version 3.5! Please check it out. On the other hand we have 17000 hits already! Woo.

Now for the main article. This week I have been playing SC4 for a while. I built 4 cities plus one territory. Here is a picture:


Zoom in to see a closer view.

Now here are the stats for each city so far since April 30, 2009:

Wake Island:

  • Residents: 104,213
  • Jobs: 96,038
  • Industry: 1929

Wake Island City:

  • Residents: 81,148
  • Jobs: 76,130
  • Industry: 3603

Wake Island Territory:

  • Residents: 0
  • Jobs: 0
  • Industry: 0

Peninsula City:

  • Residents: 24,656
  • Jobs: 53,733
  • Industry: 2144


  • Residents: 89,192
  • Jobs: 100,119
  • Industry: 0

Now here is something for Cultred:


Oh and here is a website that is cool:

Until next week…or sooner…or later…

-cpman 8)

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