The Lame New Action Movie


My first post in a long time.

Okay, so first the title. The lame new action movie. Well, Microsoft is extremely arrogant. They’re already thinking of releasing Microsoft Office 2010. I have a bunch of screenshots. Remember, all the screenshots below Screenshot 6 are lame. And they’re releasing a movie, which the trailer makes it look like an action movie about MICROSOFT WORD.

Anyways, other things are going well. CP’s doing fun stuff like Jazz Band Concerts and CPMAN indoor pools. I’ve been doing little besides playing outside or playing video games. That’s why I decided to post. So um… yeah.

But there’s some news you’ve got to hear. Justinesylles I will call for now Justin. Him and I… Today at lunch, he gave me some Barbecue Lays chips. I kept asking for more as a joke. Then (still as a joke) I acted like I was about to spill my chocolate milk on a single orange of his. He overreacted (is that new?) and tried to grab my hand. However, the force caused my hand to spill the milk. Then he yelled at me about “buying him another” (even though if he did not get the oranges, his lunch would cost the same thus the oranges equaling a total price of virtually nothing) and then when I refused (who buys someone else lunch right after they fight?) he did some stuff with my milk and vice versa. Then I was talking to CPMAN about how ignorant he was and he comes, takes my milk (there was about 3/4 of the milk left) and poured it across my tray. Then the crapkid takes his own tray and slams it upside down on mine. Noticing the immediate threat, I took my tray, and carefully spilled the same milk he poured on my tray onto his so the retarted lunch ladies don’t say anything to me. He saw that there was nothing else to do, so once we left, he threw away his tray and then rammed me. And for those who’ve met him in real life and know his “size”, that hurt. CPMAN is wondering about his current rank as VAGEO on this site. He claims Justin was never VAGEO. I just hink he should fire him 🙂 Overall, an amusing experience.

That is it! Have fun with your lives! (like I give a crap about ’em 😉 )

4 thoughts on “The Lame New Action Movie

  1. Professor V68

    The more I read the worse it got… then I stopped at retarded lunch ladies. (Can’t the world get along?)

    CPMAN, do have an idea of when the swimming pool is supposed to open?


  2. Just so you know Cultred, you came up with the rank VAGEO (Vice Assistant General Executive Officer), but I never agreed with it. New Rule: No conspiracies!


  3. supersillystring

    You know Cultred, mentioning the fact that I am overweight is not necessary and is completely uncalled for. I am not that upset about it, but if you say something about it again on the blog I will find you at school when it starts, and you will regret it.


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