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Hey everyone!

I would like everyone to know that the schedule for the Indoor Pools has changed. CIP4 will be delayed until June 8th. This is so, because I am getting a $30 program that records your videos faster, unlike the RCT3 frame by frame cam. This cam films at the same speed your game is going and at any quality setting your game is set at. I tried the free trial and the quality that came out was great! You are probably wondering what this game cam is called….well it is called GameCam v2. I am getting this cam on June 8th.

Now here is the schedule for Youtube RCT3 Videos:

  • CIP4- JUNE 9, 2009
  • CIP5- JUNE 12, 2009
  • CIP6- JUNE 16, 2009
  • CIP7- JUNE 19, 2009
  • Coaster Town- JUNE 26,2009
  • CIP8- JULY 10, 2009
  • CIP9- JULY 16, 2009
  • CIP10- JULY 30, 20009

CIP5 Collection:

[rockyou id=138451595&w=426&h=320]

Well until next week… or sooner… or later…

-cpman 8)

PS: You might want to check out Local Pics Page soon…

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