Now. Here. Better. Here is CIP4!

So how do you like it? Visit my Youtube Channel (77cpman77) to rate this video.

Also as some of you know I have a twitter. I will be using it for this site’s updates. To check out the latest updates just click the CLICK HERE button under the Updates widget in the sidebar. —>

Here is the schedule for the RCT3 videos:

  • CIP7- JUNE 19, 2009
  • Coaster Town- JUNE 26,2009
  • CIP8- JULY 10, 2009
  • CIP9- JULY 16, 2009
  • CIP10- JULY 30, 2009

Have a nice day and… Teehee

-cpman 8)

4 thoughts on “CIP4!!!

  1. Cultred


    I cannot find the answer for #8 on the AC Math 1 packet. I get 12.6885775… but nothing near is on there.


  2. I got the same answer as you. I think Mrs. C failed miserably again. If I were you I would just leave that problem blank. Did Wesley start his AC1 assignment?
    -cpman 8)


  3. Cultred

    I don’t know about Wesley.

    My site. Once I am ready, I will change specific Domain Name Servers (DNS) to get my site ready. Then I will leave a message which you’ll have to wait for.


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