Coaster Town


Here is Coaster Town with 8 extreme coasters. Also check out the RCT3 page for a sneak peek on CPMAN’s Beach Park: Coaster Town Remix.

The Schedule:

  • COP1 (For Contest)- JULY 3, 2009
  • CIP8- JULY 10, 2009
  • CIP9- JULY 16, 2009
  • CIP10- JULY 30, 2009

-cpman 8)

18 thoughts on “Coaster Town

  1. Cultred

    It used to be that if you turned your account into a Director account you had no time limit just a 100MB limit. So you could record longer videos but w/ bad quality.


  2. redx125


    We need to find Blake Jetboy! We should stalk him like with the Internet predators! Let’s see…He’s 11, His name is probably Blake, and he lives in Hong Kong! ugh this is going to be hard! Do you guys know anything else? I’m serious though! We need to know and it bugs me. I miss him too. He could just be kidnapped. Ohhhhh it’s killing me!


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