School Post #1: Boring


I know the title of this post is very lame, but one thing for sure is that my school day is long and boring. First of all I have connections (fun) for the first two periods of the day. The rest is just academic classes, so it doesn’t work out well. I am learning Spanish, and today I bought a Spanish-English dictionary so I can actually understand the language. I also got the bottom locker (bad), and I have to be squished in by Justin, Josh, Marissa, and Frances. But anyway the school year is kind of good.


Now I want to talk RCT3. I am building a volcano island (the volcano actually erupts!).

Next I am going to talk to my workers. Hey! I have renovated the staff website. To visit, CLICK HERE.

That is all for today!

-cpman 8)

6 thoughts on “School Post #1: Boring

  1. A few things:
    1) I didn’t see this post until now.
    2) I have a bottom locker too, but at least I have somewhere put my books on while opening my locker.
    3) We get to choose our lockers. (First come, first get.) All the tops were taken.
    3)8th Grade has connections at the beginning of the day????? (For us its 7th, 8th, 6th.)
    4) Are you going to be posting school posts now?
    5) 19,001 Hits, yay


  2. Cultred

    Dude it says my wordpress account is suspended so i cant access your blog. i dunno y

    and i cant come to ur house turns out i hav my 1st baseball practice at 3:00


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