What?! A New Post?


Yes you heard me correctly, this is a new post.

Let me bring you up to speed.

I gave up this blog when 8th grade started, but then I had a spark of ideas; I changed my nickname from CPMAN to RCT3xpert. That was not over for the idea spark. Earlier this week, I renamed the blog from CPMAN Productions to RV Productions. Now there is no SimCity page and there will be absolutely no Club Penguin players allowed. If you are one then you will be tracked by IP address and I will shut down your computer forever. Joking…that won’t happen. Just don’t expect anything Club Penguinish. And I changed the motto to What did you expect?… I also changed the header as well. Do you like it?

Okay now I will let you explore this blog. Check out all of the different pages, because they are cool. Also, here is a fact: The last post on this blog, not counting this one, was from October 6, 2009! Impressive isn’t it?

Later expect to see a new toolbar, yes a new toolbar, under the name of RV Productions; I will post it either on the sticky or the sidebar.

So now I will let you go with that. Just don’t expect anything special; but be sure to visit the pages.

Just so you know, as a little fact, I take keyboarding this nine weeks, so now I can write more in a short period of time. I guess I should have written my rough draft for class instead though.

Until next time….

-Robert 8)

7 thoughts on “What?! A New Post?

  1. Cultred

    How is it impressiv that ur last post was October 9, 2009? Thats actuly kinda disappointing, no offense. and umm… a drowning RV is the official pic of RV Productions?

    I expected something better of you, ma’am.

    Best wishes,


  2. I don’t care if it is disappointing, but I think it is impressive, because I still got a sustainable amount of views everyday after October 6th. The pic is not the official pic either. The RV is not drowning either.(Just something random)

    I expected you to understand ma’am.

    By the way did you see the motto? What did you expect?…
    So no blabbing on how it is not what you expected.


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