Portal 2 & The Run

Hi there peoples!

Well, the most anticipated game from Valve came last week and many people have bought it, including me. All I have to say is that you have to play it, because the power of awesomeness from it cannot be obtained from just watching videos. The graphics have gotten a huge upgrade and the single player career is about 8 hours long. A huge improvement since the last Portal title. If you get this game, then you will have a fun and challenging time getting through the whole thing. One last thing on this topic… I am in space!

This weekend, Need for Speed announced their next title, The Run. It seems that it will be a very action packed arcade racing game. Blackbox did not achieve a high standard with their previous title, Undercover, but they got 3 years to develop this game. So, in that amount of time a very polished game can be made. 

Also from the looks of the trailer, it looks very amazing. The game is using a new graphics engine called Frostbite 2.0, which is also used in Battlefield 3. The characters looked realistic and the cars looked very detailed. Apparently, many people think that this is similar to Cannonball Run. I have no idea what it means, but sounds pretty cool. This game is full of action, explosions, bullets, cops, racing, and pure awesome. Get it on November 15.

Minecraft Server Update: Plane mod has been officially implemented.

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Now it’s time for the bonus!

-RobVaivodiss 8)

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