Welcome to RV Productions! I am Rob Vaivodiss, currently 23 years old and attending college, and I have created this site when I was about 11 to discuss the multiplayer game, Club Penguin. In fact, the site was called CPMAN Productions before I outgrew the hobby. Eventually, I deleted my old Club Penguin posts and started anew. The site was still called CPMAN Productions, but now I posted about current issues and personal events. As the blog grew I gained writers such as V68, Cultred, and Justin. They posted about all kinds of interesting topics. As traffic on the site died down, I slowly began forgetting about this site; eventually, in high school, I remembered and renovated the site. I gave it a new color scheme and renamed it to RV Productions. Additionally, I revamped my Youtube channel by changing the name from 77cpman77 to RV Productions to signify a unity between all social sites I have. By now the site is a hobby I like to keep by documenting events or discussing interesting things in real life or in video games. I don’t expect many visitors to this site anymore, but I hope to keep this site running forever as an archive of things seen through my eyes.

Here is a rundown of what you can expect to find on RV Productions:

  • Video Game Discussion (RCT3, Minecraft, NFS, Forza, Halo, etc.)
  • Real Life Discussion (Personal and Current Events)
  • Web Development (by Cultred)
  • My Pictures and Videos
  • Car Spotting
  • Architecture Portfolio

Anyway, enjoy the site and spread the word if you like my content.

-RobVaivodiss 8)