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Here you can view all of my Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 projects. Also later you will be able to have access to custom scenery sites from my blog! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about my parks and custom scenery then just post a comment on this page!

Last Update: 6/17/11

Watertown Indoor Park

What the heck is this? Is RCT3xpert finally going to make a new video? Well this is an upcoming park that is halfway done! No pictures yet, it’s a surprise! But I can tell you that it has a central building, two wings to the park, and a park-wide tram system. Also, each wing has two floors of rides. There is a total of 2 roller coasters in this indoor park. Believe it or not, this is my first indoor park that I am making.

RCT3xpert’s Indoor Pool 8

Now this is a pool you have to see. It is a classic CPMAN pool. By classic I mean that the pool buildings are spread out. The buildings also vary in height, and width. The park will also feature a coaster, named The Electrifier. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! The enclosed diving pool includes a waterfall! This is a must to see; this pool will come out soon. Note: This pool finishes Season 1 of CPMAN’s Indoor Pools, in that case a CD is coming out that includes all 8 indoor pools. (This CD is for archives only)

RCT3xpert’s Beach Park:CT

You have seen Coaster Town. Now I am introducing CPMAN’s Beach Park: Coaster Town Remix. (or vice versa) It will include about 8 great coasters with some flat rides on a pier. The park will also include lots and lots of buildings; some coasters are even going to go through the buildings, but with the help of Cook’s Doors of course. Now here is a snapshot of what the park may look like:

Beach 1

Beach 2

Coaster Town (CT)

I have started yet another project called “Coaster Town”. It so far has 8 coasters, a giant outdoor food court, a rest area, an observation tower, a waterfall, and lots o’ water. All the coasters have high to very high ratings in excitement and intensity. The park also includes a railway, and a suspended monorail. Here are the names of the 7 coasters:

  1. Perimeter Run
  2. Corkscrew Mania
  3. Kingdom Fury
  4. Cube of Confusion
  5. The Flying Beast
  6. Giga Attak
  7. Bull Riders
  8. Underground Twirler


NOTE: The video for this park will possibly come out in June or July 2009!

Sneak Peek (RXIP4)


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NOTE: The video for this pool will possibly come out on May 23 or May 24, 2009

-Robert 8)

31 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

  1. What in the world?! He keeps talking about the game of death?! whoa! well I’ve heard him talk about for the past two days is Saw! it’s creepy!


  2. whats the highest amount of ppl youve ever had in youre park?? ive had 4000
    and ummmm…. building is really hard lol and i cant do swimming pools cause i havent installed soaked plz go to my site


  3. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM doing an all indoor park ill post the url when done!!!

    aka: Justin Moon Mini Admin/ Author


  4. My rollercoaster is so fast that no peep has ever stepped on it before. Ever. The intensity rating is 21. (Ultra Extreme)


  5. Hi
    i’ve seen your video on Youtube. Very good RCT 3 pool. Very clearly tutorial.
    But I have a question. Do you have pools from RCT 3 still on your hard disk?

    My brother likes “pre”pared pools. Do you have pools , the one on Youtube is very good.
    Maybe you can upload some pools for me from your harddisk… A pool uploading isn’t very large, 12 kb or something a pool.

    My little brother would be very happy….

    greetings Kurt


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