Halo 5 Guardians: The Abilities

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The Halo 5: Guardians Beta is nearing. It will drop on December 29th for everyone that has bought the Master Chief Collection. 343 Industries has revealed 7 abilities that will be present for all spartans playing the game. These are similar to armor abilities in Halo 4 and Halo Reach, but now everyone has a fair roster of abilities rather than just choosing one. So, I will be discussing these 7 abilities in greater detail below:

Thruster Pack is a returning ability from Halo 4 that has barely changed. It provides a short but effective speed boost into the direction you want to go. You can go forward and backward as well as side to side. However, the thruster pack has a 4 second cooldown between uses.This ability is perfect for dodging bullets and droping into cover.

Sprint is also a returning ability from Halo 4, where everyone had sprint, and also from Halo Reach as a loadout ability. Sprint is kind of an obvious ability, but it has changed. Now, your shields and health will not recharge while sprinting. Other tactical methods of escape are needed to survive in Halo 5.

Slide is activated once a player reached the top sprint speed and presses crouch. The player then slides (duh). I don’t know how this will be useful in close quarters, but this might give players and ability to slide into cover in BTB.

Charge is another ability that works hand-in-hand with sprint. When you are sprinting and press the melee button you will charge towards a player and bash them. If you bash them from the front or sides they will lose their shields. However, if you bash them from the back it is an automatic beat down.

Clamber helps out when you screw up a jump onto a ledge. This is similar to what you can do in most other shooters and is a welcome addition to Halo.

Ground Pound pretty much lets you become a superhero (is this Saints Row IV?). While in the air you can activate ground pound and get a short period of time to select the location (you’re completely exposed to snipers). This is an area of attack ability, so kill are not guaranteed. Damage to vehicles is unknown right now. This is by far my most anticipated ability of Halo 5.

Smart Scope is the most controversial ability in Halo 5, yet it does not add anything new. It looks like the aim down sights mechanic in most shooters, but in reality it’s not. Smart scope is simply an animation and a field of view enhancer. It works exactly like a traditional Halo zoom. It does not improve accuracy at all, so there is nothing to worry about.

Additionally, there are more mechanics that aren’t listed as official abilities. You can hover in mid air for a second or two to get a good shot at someone, and also your shields and health work differently. The health recharges but at a much slower rate than your shields. I also noticed that there is a high-pitched sound when you land a hit on someone.

I can’t wait to play Halo 5 Beta as it will truly evolve Halo gameplay.

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Cube 9 Adventure Map

It’s been a long time but hey!

Recently I had an idea to create an adventure map in Minecraft. So, instead of tossing that thought aside like usual, I began developing a somewhat massive adventure map. Now if you don’t know what an adventure map is, then let me explain. Basically, its a type of map where some standard rules of Mincraft are thrown away and the creator of the map adds in their rules and creativity. The player must play through the map using the rules that were established. Some of these maps also have a story.

Now on with Cube 9. It is a testing facility part of the Cube Research Centers. A few test subjects were hired and secretly transported to the research center. Many test subjects lost their abilities to move and some even went insane! Eventually, the one last subject, the player, moved on to Cube 9, the final research facility. And so, when you load up the map for the first time, you will be transported to Cube 9 to begin your adventure.


So, what do you do in Cube 9? Some of the basic things that the player must face are definitely parkour puzzles. What would an adventure map be without parkour? Some other gameplay would include exploration and some puzzles that may require you to think.

The mechanics of this map are going to be complex. I am using my new skills with command blocks to their best to tell the story of Cube 9 and enhance the gameplay. Also throughout the adventure map a lot of redstone is used to create a feeling that this is a testing facility. Since this is a pretty big project, I will probably not work on it during the weekdays because of school. So, expect Cube 9 to be finished in Summer 2013.

Now some Halo 4 stuff. I leveled up to 50 and started the Tracker specialization. Basically, at level 60 I will gain the ability to have a second choice at ordnance just in case if I don’t like the first choices. Also this week Spartan Ops resumed with Episodes 6-10. 343 Studios made new maps for spartan ops this time around and they will require a 2.2 GB free download. Check out the episode 6 cinematics below. It pretty much sums up 1-5 and starts on 6.

And finally, I want to end of this post with some video info. I’ve been really lazy with my video making, but I have a few projects I want to squeeze in sometime this year. I have a Forza Horizon video up my sleeve which is barely 40 seconds in. When I finish the Cube 9 map I will have to make a trailer for it, so I can make an epic forum post on the Minecraft forums. There is another project on my Minecraft Server that I am meaning to finish for a while now. It is called Oceanopolis. It’s a city on three islands with pretty modern architecture. I don’t know when I’ll finish it, but one thing is certain… I am 1/3 done. And to add to all of this I will have to make a video for my Health class later on in the semester. Hopefully, it’s optional. Now if you don’t see any new videos from me in a while, then you might be surprised with a random Minecraft tutorial or Need for Speed World garage showcase.

That is all for now! Btw lockers are the most searched item on my blog, LOL!

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Halo 4: New Trilogy, New Beginnings

Hey there people! It was a long time…erm…really long time since I posted anything new on the blog. Here in this post I have compiled a lot of the revealed information on Halo 4, made by 343 Studios. 

Halo came a long way ever since CE. There were obviously improvements made throughout the whole series, but its it getting a little bit dull? I think that Halo 4 can revive the series and bring it back to #1 on the video game leaderboards with the new Reclaimer Trilogy. So what can we expect from this new trilogy? Forerunners definitely! The Covenant enemies are returning as a separate coalition because of the destruction of the Covenant in Halo 3. There are going to be plenty new weapons. In fact, one new weapon is confirmed to be the Assault Carbine. A new multiplayer called Infinity is going to be included in Halo 4. This mode is like the classic multiplayer with Team Slayer, Cooperative mode (Spartan Ops), and Forge. Spartan Ops is a new feature that is replacing Firefight. The core of this mode revolves around weekly missions that you and your friends can play. So basically this is a second Career mode. On the other hand, Career mode is very sketchy right now as on what The Chief is fighting and what happens after the rebel attack of the partially destroyed Forward Onto Dawn. 

So what do you think? Do you think 343 will freshen up the Halo series? What do you think of the new Spartan Ops? Everything will be revealed on November 6th, 2012 when the game comes out. Until then, I will keep updates on what is happening with Halo 4 developments. 

-Rob 8)