Xbox One Review

Hey guys!

The first and only time I have ever gotten a console on day one happened on November 22nd. Yes, I did get the Xbox One. For many this console was to be looked down upon, but I thought otherwise. The games lineup for Xbox interested me more than Playstation’s, so I had to choose Xbox. Now that I have had the Xbox One for a few days, I will give you my first impressions, starting from the setup.

The Xbox
After I completely took out all of the contents of my Day One edition, I quickly set up the console in my living room. The provided HDMI cable was a great bonus. The first thing the console asked was to connect to Wi-Fi. This part was a little finicky, but eventually I figured it out. The update took about 15 minutes, and the console was ready to use. Now, the home screen looked pretty confusing at first, compared to the Xbox 360 dashboard. It took me a while to find the Settings app, but it was just a few controller clicks away. After playing around with all of the menu items, I realized that there are absolutely no advertisements on the home screen. That is a welcoming change. Overall, the interface runs extremely smoothly and, when accustomed, it is easy to use. One downside is that I cannot find where the hard drive settings are. The snap (multitask) feature works very well, but sometimes the frame rate of the snapped app can drop quite significantly. I used Game DVR with Forza 5, and it is really useful and fast. It records in 720p, which is acceptable for a built in recording app. However, a capture card would work better. The Upload Studio that is used to edit clips has some pretty generic filters, but allows you to record yourself playing or add commentary (Great feature for Youtubers). Unfortunately, for livestreamers, Twitch support is coming soon. Overall, there is much potential for the new system to develop over the coming months and years.

The design of the Xbox One got a lot of hate after its reveal. People called it the VCR. I gotta say though, it is a really nice looking VCR! The overall design of this console carries over to the Kinect, controller, and even the cables. The Xbox itself has a ton of vents, and after running Forza for 3-4 hours, the console was a little warm. However, the fan is giant, but surprisingly quiet, and it is very effective. The fan runs for about 5 minutes after the console is off to fully cool it down. I noticed a weird beeping sound every now and then, but I’ll have to look at the power settings to completely turn off the Xbox One. It seems like it is the fan controller or the hard drive.

The Kinect
This new gen Kinect is huge and quite heavy! However, compared to the original Kinect, this Kinect hits it out of the ballpark. The webcam in the Kinect is 1080p, and the quality is definitely there. It also can also work in the dark. This new high quality camera allows instant sign in (and I mean like split second sign in). Now, the question is How well does it work with voice commands? I gotta say that the Kinect actually works this time around. I found that the Kinect voice commands work better in a smaller room, as I had to repeat myself sometimes in the living room. Otherwise, you can definitely do a lot more with this Kinect. I found it really neat when you say “Xbox On” and both the Xbox and the TV turn on. There is little input lag for Kinect 2.0, so voice commands work even better now.

The Controller
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The Xbox 360 controller was quite a masterpiece, and many people preferred it over any other controller. Fortunately, Microsoft came up with an even better controller. The Xbox One controller is extremely familiar with the first touch, but it is a new experience. The advertised rumble feedback in the triggers worked so well that I had to get used to them; after I got used to them I was tearing up the tracks in Forza like a pro. That new feedback definitely enhances the experience. I can’t wait to see how they will use it in other games. Although, the rumble motors in this new controller are a tad bit louder than on the 360 controller. The sticks are slightly smaller around, but they are not flimsy like on the 360 controller.

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In conclusion, the launch went extremely smooth, and the console works perfectly like it was intended to. All advertised features work very well. However, there are some features that are not done yet that might cause some inconvenience for some gamers. Overall, the console is a must buy if you enjoy consoles and Xbox games.


-RobVaivodiss 8)

Cube 9 Adventure Map

It’s been a long time but hey!

Recently I had an idea to create an adventure map in Minecraft. So, instead of tossing that thought aside like usual, I began developing a somewhat massive adventure map. Now if you don’t know what an adventure map is, then let me explain. Basically, its a type of map where some standard rules of Mincraft are thrown away and the creator of the map adds in their rules and creativity. The player must play through the map using the rules that were established. Some of these maps also have a story.

Now on with Cube 9. It is a testing facility part of the Cube Research Centers. A few test subjects were hired and secretly transported to the research center. Many test subjects lost their abilities to move and some even went insane! Eventually, the one last subject, the player, moved on to Cube 9, the final research facility. And so, when you load up the map for the first time, you will be transported to Cube 9 to begin your adventure.


So, what do you do in Cube 9? Some of the basic things that the player must face are definitely parkour puzzles. What would an adventure map be without parkour? Some other gameplay would include exploration and some puzzles that may require you to think.

The mechanics of this map are going to be complex. I am using my new skills with command blocks to their best to tell the story of Cube 9 and enhance the gameplay. Also throughout the adventure map a lot of redstone is used to create a feeling that this is a testing facility. Since this is a pretty big project, I will probably not work on it during the weekdays because of school. So, expect Cube 9 to be finished in Summer 2013.

Now some Halo 4 stuff. I leveled up to 50 and started the Tracker specialization. Basically, at level 60 I will gain the ability to have a second choice at ordnance just in case if I don’t like the first choices. Also this week Spartan Ops resumed with Episodes 6-10. 343 Studios made new maps for spartan ops this time around and they will require a 2.2 GB free download. Check out the episode 6 cinematics below. It pretty much sums up 1-5 and starts on 6.

And finally, I want to end of this post with some video info. I’ve been really lazy with my video making, but I have a few projects I want to squeeze in sometime this year. I have a Forza Horizon video up my sleeve which is barely 40 seconds in. When I finish the Cube 9 map I will have to make a trailer for it, so I can make an epic forum post on the Minecraft forums. There is another project on my Minecraft Server that I am meaning to finish for a while now. It is called Oceanopolis. It’s a city on three islands with pretty modern architecture. I don’t know when I’ll finish it, but one thing is certain… I am 1/3 done. And to add to all of this I will have to make a video for my Health class later on in the semester. Hopefully, it’s optional. Now if you don’t see any new videos from me in a while, then you might be surprised with a random Minecraft tutorial or Need for Speed World garage showcase.

That is all for now! Btw lockers are the most searched item on my blog, LOL!

-RobVaivodiss 8)

Bertone Mantide

Bertone Mantide; it is probably the most unrecognized car today that could compete against Corvette ZR-1.

It’s basically an Italian Corvette ZR-1 fit with an amazing 636 HP V8 engine. What really stands out on this car are the aerodynamical features. Everything is made of carbon fibre to make the car 200 pounds lighter than the Corvette ZR-1. All of the body panels, trimming, seats, and wheels are made out of carbon fibre. 

The Bertone Mantide has some resemblance to the Corvette with the low hood and the high rear bumper. It uses the Chevrolet Y-Body as the hood features an embossed Y-shape. The improvements made on this car increase the down force by 30% when comparing it to the Corvette ZR-1. The total drag reduced is up to 25%.

This car might not be a Bugatti buster but it can definitely pack in a punch with its impressive acceleration. It accelerates 0-62 mph in just 3.2 seconds! The top speed is 218 mph, which is close to what the Corvette can do. But is it really worth it to buy this car when they finally are produced?

The answer is no, because Bertone plans to make only 10 Mantides within a year with a price tag of $2 million each. So in the end, the Corvette ZR-1 is the winner, since it has a more powerful engine, but goes a little bit slower and has a starting price of $110,300. Also, who would ever buy a Mantide? XD

I bought a Bertone Mantide in Forza Motorsport 3 and I made it go over 250 mph with a cool design. Check it out:



Now here are the stats of the car if interested:



-RobVaivodiss 8)