.:Opera 10 Beta:.

Now this is probably a browser most people never heard of. This browser is used in Apple products and Wiis. But they have a Windows version as well. Opera is a very fast and pretty secure browser. Although the graphics are poor in this Beta release. You can also play around with the widgets that you can get under the widgets button in the top tool bar. Opera also includes tabs (like in Firefox, Google Chrome, IE7/8, Safari, etc.), turbo booster (great biggy for those with slow computers), and speed dial, which lets you choose nine of your favorite websites. This pops up when you open a new tab.

Control Panels

There are two major web control panels. I know you guys may not have used them, so I pulled up some “demos”. Even if you suck at webmastering, I ask that you test the demos and tell me which you think is better.

First is the FreeHostia control panel. Go to the following URL:

Then, use the following login info:
username: testin8
password: 0880775

That is the FreeHostia control panel. Now for my personal favorite. The whole demo and everything can be accessed here:

Now click the Domain Owner panel and look at it.
Which do you think is better?

.:. The Browsers .:.

You won’t believe what you will read ahead. It is my rant on browsers and how schools are teaching the kids to destroy their computers.Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer, the most widely used web browser, is not that good. Its latest stable release, IE7, came out with several new features not previously available. Anyways, why is it so popular? Just because William Gates II paid computer companies to preinstall Internet Explorer in their computers instead of Netscape. I will explain Netscape’s significance later. Anyways, that is stupid, right? Anyways, Internet Explorer is one of the shakiest web browsers ever. Horrible security.

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox. Oh yes, the great browser. Mozilla Firefox is very fast and efficient. I and many others highly recommend it. Firefox has tons of features and millions of extensions. The amazing security helps, too. Remember Netscape? They stated that no more editions of Netscape would be released after February 2008. Then, the handed over their efforts to Mozilla, who fused Netscape and Firefox technology to make the great Firefox 3. The most stable, secure, and efficient browser, I recommend it. BUT THAT’S NOT IT! Firefox's extensions site has millions of extensions. Many features other browsers have that Firefox doesn’t are available via the many extensions. Yes, this is the most highly recommended browser.

Apple SafariApple has entered the competition. I give you… Apple Safari! A very simple broswer, it is the fastest ever. Most of its unique features can be acquired through Firefox extensions, but those make Firefox slower. Safari is nowhere near slow. Also, a CTRL F search on Safari gives expert highlighting. That feature is allowed by no browser. I have to say, Apple Safari is a very nice browser. The main thing: it has AMAZING speed.

OperaOpera. This browser is much better than most. Opera is like Firefox without the extensions. Its security almost beats the Firefox security. One feature cannot be beat. It is called Speed Dial. That is when you put in your favorite nine sites to click whenever you open a new tab. So, Opera is very nice.

SpaceTimeSpaceTime is undoubtedly the coolest web browser ever. New three dimensional tabbed browsing, great graphics, arrow key moving around the “tabs”… Yeah. This broswer is cool. Apparently, more effort went towards the graphics than the security. It is almost like Internet Explorer redesigned. Oh well, just something to play around with!

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome is a fast and very efficient browser with minimal clutter. Google Chrome has absolutely no extra stuff so it equals the second fastest browser. The simplicity is mainly for browsers’  main purpose—to view the web. I like it well.

.:. Rounding it Up .:.

So, the browser with the most pros is Firefox. I, being a webmaster, have all of the above installed. You have to know in which browsers your site works better than in others. So, I just have all of them. I recommend all webmasters to do the same. I bid farewell, and may Firefox rule over Internet Explorer!

Firefox eats IE

Original Posts by: Cultred

-Robert 8)

33 thoughts on “Web

  1. lol, one thing i did the other day that makes me sound like such an IDIOT!!!
    yesterday I was trying to get rid of the trojan on my computer and I tried to remove it on regular mode (not safe mode)
    So when i go on safe mode I click REMOVE on Norton Internet Security and It takes 12 SECONDS to REMOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    I WAS SO PO’ED I almost threw my sick dog at my computer (no offence Skipper)
    Look below at the specs for the time it took prior to this compared to this!!!!!

    Time Prior: 11hrs (est.)
    Time in Safe Mode: 2hrs (est)
    Time scanning for viruses: 2hrs (est)
    Time editing regedit: 15mins (est)
    Time in CMD: 45mins (est)
    Time doing everything else until yesterday: 6hrs (est)
    Time Took to delete virus on safe mode: 12 secs (exact)



  2. HTML MAGIC!!! I LUVS THAT!!! Here we go…

    <a href="LINK URL HERE INCLUDING http://">LINK TEXT HERE</a>

    How to use the above font like for showing HTML codes:
    <code>CODE HERE</code>

    Some Unicode, CPMAN 🙂
    &gt; makes > and &lt; makes < and thats how I display HTML codes

    Table (tr is a row, td is a table data cell)
    <First cell>
    <Second cell>


    First cell
    Second cell


  3. LOTs of HTML codes, almost all I think. Not <script>, because that is to use JavaScript, PHP, etc. and they can be used to insert dangerous malicious code.


  4. Justinesylles’s Guide to Awesome Firefox

    Hey and Welcome to a mini guide to Mozilla Firefox addons.I will be showing you 3 of my favorite Firefox addons!!! (IE STINKS!!!)
    Before I start guiding I will say this. NONE of the addons mentioned are by me and are property of the respective owners and only the owners. These addons ONLY work for Mozilla Firefox and are not intended to be used on any other respective Internet browser.
    Please read this before making a stupid comment or something you will otherwise regret.
    Lets Get Started!!!
    Note: All addons can be found at:

    Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

    This add on is really just a touch up of Firefox and a COOL theme. It was originally a very nice and 3d icon set and has turned into a complete refurbish of Firefox 3.0. If you wanna add a little style to Firefox, then go get this theme!!!


    By far my favorite addon for Firefox. It Literally makes EVERY word in web pages interactive. When you highlight a word or sentence or paragraph or whatever, it brings up the Hyperwords Menu. Or you can access it by right clicking and going to Hyperwords. You can temporarly (until refresh or close the window/tab) change the written language of a word. You can select a link and go to it by pressing Open>Link>in a new tab/in current tab/in new window etc. Makes browsing MUCH more helpful.
    Here is an example of translating From English to Arabic:
    cpman is awesome
    [كبمن] مروّعة


    This is basically a 3d way to look at videos, files, pictures and just about anything. Go on youtube with cooliris and you can bring up ALL of the search results that came up on cooliris in a cool way. you can zoom in to the video and watch it, zoom out and watch another one!!! I HIGHLY recommend Cooliris for those who want a little more out of the amazing browser Firefox already is.

    Thank You for reading this guide to Firefox addons and remember,
    Internet Explorer STINKS!!! Use Firefox!!!



  5. this is the entire guide in DUTCH

    De Gids van Justinesylles voor Ontzagwekkende Firefox

    Hey en Onthaal aan een minigids voor Mozilla Firefox addons. Ik zal u 3 van mijn favoriete Firefox addons!! tonen! (STINKT D.W.Z.!!!)
    Alvorens ik begin leidend zal ik dit zeggen. GEEN van vermelde addons is door me en is bezit van de respectieve eigenaars en slechts de eigenaars. Deze addons werken SLECHTS voor Mozilla Firefox en zijn niet bedoeld om op een andere respectieve browser van Internet worden gebruikt.
    Gelieve te lezen dit alvorens een stomme commentaar of iets te maken u anders zult betreuren.
    Laat Begonnen worden!!!
    Nota: Alle addons kunnen worden gevonden bij:

    Noia 2.0 (uiterste)

    dit voegt is werkelijk enkel een aanraking omhoog van Firefox en een KOEL thema toe. Het was oorspronkelijk een zeer aardige en 3d pictogramreeks en heeft volledig renoveert van Firefox 3.0 geworden. Als u wat stijl aan Firefox wilt toevoegen, dan ga krijgen dit thema!!!

    De Verbinding
    van Hyperwords:

    veruit mijn favoriete addon voor Firefox. Het maakt letterlijk ELK woord in Web-pagina’s interactief. Wanneer u een woord of een zin of paragraaf of wat benadrukt, brengt het omhoog het Menu Hyperwords. Of u kunt tot het toegang hebben door naar Hyperwords met de rechtermuisknop aan te klikken en te gaan. U kunt (tot verfris of sluit het venster/het lusje) de geschreven taal van een woord temporarly veranderen. U kunt een verbinding selecteren en naar het gaan door Open>Link>in te drukken een nieuw tab/in huidig tab/in nieuw venster enz. Maakt doorbladeren nuttiger.
    Hier is een voorbeeld om uit Engels in Arabisch te vertalen:
    cpman is de ontzagwekkende
    [كبمن] مروّعة


    dit is fundamenteel een 3d manier om naar video’s, dossiers, beelden en enkel over om het even wat te kijken. Ga op youtube met cooliris en u kunt Alle onderzoeksresultaten ter sprake brengen die omhoog op cooliris op een koele manier kwamen. u kunt binnen aan de video zoemen en het, gezoem opletten en op een andere letten!!! Ik adviseer HOOGST Cooliris voor zij die een weinig meer uit verbazende browser Firefox reeds willen is.

    Dank u voor het lezen van deze gids aan Firefox addons en herinner me,
    STINKT het Internet Explorer!!! Gebruik Firefox!!!



  6. This is the Mini Post in Chinese Simplified

    Justinesylles 2009年3月4日在5:29 pm


    嘿和欢迎到对Mozilla Firefox添加物的一个微型指南。我显示您3我喜爱的Firefox添加物!!! (IE恶臭!!!)
    在我开始引导之前我将说此。 被提及的添加物都不是由我并且是各自所有者的物产和只有所有者。 这些添加物为Mozilla Firefox在其他各自互联网浏览器只运作和没有意欲使用。
    注: 所有添加物可以被发现在:

    Noia 2.0 (极端)

    增加是真正地接触Firefox和一个凉快的题材的https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/72。 它最初是一个非常好和3d像集合和把变成完全再磨光Firefox 3.0。 如果您想要增加一点样式到Firefox,则去得到这个题材!!!


    显然我喜爱的addon为Firefox。 它在网页逐字地使每个词交互式。 当您突出词或句子或者段时或者什么,它提出Hyperwords菜单。 或您能通过用鼠标右键单击和去访问它对Hyperwords。 您能temporarly (直到刷新或关闭窗口或制表符)改变词的书面语言。 您可以选择链接和去它通过按Open>Link>in一个新的tab/in当前tab/in新窗口等。 浏览MUCH more的牌子有用。
    [كبمن] مروّعة


    这基本上是3d方式看录影,文件,图片和关于任何东西。 去在youtube与cooliris,并且您能提出在cooliris出来用一个凉快的方式的所有查寻结果。 您能ON放大到录影和当心它,徒升和手表另一个!!! 我高度推荐Cooliris为想要一少许更多在惊人的浏览器Firefox外面已经是的那些人。

    Internet Explorer恶臭!!! 使用Firefox!!!



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